Maryann Sears

maryannsearsMaryann Sears was a Playboy Bunnie.

She committed suicide around 1986 by hanging herself in her mother’s basement .

Maryann died in September 1986.

We tried to get Maryann admitted to Shepard Pratt Hospital without success –

If she were a Quaker we could have had her admitted for free.

The year before Maryann committed suicide successfully, (1986) she made an attempt by cutting her throat with a knife in 1984 .

She just couldn’t face life .

Paul Sears October 25, 2010 at 5:14pm Re: hey man!

In fact, my dear sister never ever spent any significant amount of time, as in more than a month or 2 at most living alone and paying her own bills. She always had boyfriends around from about age 14 on. Some of them were real fuckers. I ran one low rent druggie rock star off our property the week she died.

She just would not bring herself to do things by herself. Ever. She tried rooming with 2 different women we knew well and it blew up both times very quickly. She left her life insurance to a real prince of a guy named Dermott Murphy, who would not give up the $ for her husband or our family. I have a special place in my heart for that walking turd.

Paul SearsOctober 25, 2010 at 5:05pm

Thanks for the photos. I have not seen many of them. Couple of small corrections to your text: Maryann Sears was a Playboy Bunnie. Incorrect. She appeared in Playboy in a couple of features – very different from being a Bunnie. They get paychecks.

She committed suicide around 1986 by hanging herself in her bathroom .

Incorrect. It was my moms basement very late Sept 28 or 29 1986.

Congrats on the kid!!!!! Paul.



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