of Intervention and Recovery

is The Gift of Recovery and The Gift of Life…

When you care for someone who is addicted to alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamines, prescription medications, marijuana, sex or gambling,

it leaves one feeling helpless. You constantly worry about their health and safety. They no longer are the person you once knew,

the father you wish they were or the child you raised. Addictions ruin lives and quite simply, they can kill.

You may find yourself waiting for that moment in which that person you care for wakes up and asks for help.

The good news is you don’t have to wait. It is a myth that a person has to be “ready” or has to ask for help before you can do something about it.

Instead of waiting for the person to “bottom out” and willingly seek out recovery, (which rarely happens) consider giving them The Gift of Intervention and Recovery.

At Gift of Intervention and Recovery, we offer families hope. Hope that a loved one can heal. Hope that long term sobriety is possible.

Hope that their husband, wife, child, brother, sister or parent can return to being that person they were before,

the person they were meant to be, the person we love. Hope that you can be a family again.


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