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Our intent is to make available the fellowship archives to any member or History committee …These archives and materials are intended to be free-not for resale. We trust all that enter here will honor that.

History is best told while it is fresh, from the different points of view that observed it in action in order to give a true and accurate recording.

Now many things have passed, as have many people. We are striving to gather any printed, taped or video recordings that we can to post here for all to read.

We encourage Regions, Areas and members to share their history here as well. We hope as we grow to include all that will join us in an effort to do a comprehensive book on our History.

This effort was started in 1988 by a group of concerned addicts trying to make sense of the mess that was the war over lit and its process as well as our concern about services and how it would be done in the future.

The heart beat of these people longs to find a real understanding from our members through documenting the minutes of how we as a fellowship have gotten to where we are today.

Our goal is to bring celebration to your Birthday and Unity to our members. As the Book brought growth and unity, hopefully a full understanding of our History would bring growth and unity. ILS, Grateful Addicts.

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