Expedition Therapy

expeditionis a structured,

intensive, hands-on, experiential, solution-focused outdoor adventure experience that unfolds in the etched mountain pathways,

brilliantly carved canyons, and striking topography of the desert southwest. We offer an all-inclusive, practical learning environment whose curriculum prepares each individual.

The Expedition Therapy Team specializes in working with emerging young adults age 18+ who have yet to find a productive and intentional path in life.

At Expedition Therapy, students learn organizational and time management skills, as well as how to plan and lead an expedition step by step, from route finding to follow through.

These skills are readily transferable to whatever happens next. The Expedition Therapy Team takes pride in the process of engagement and relationship building, providing unconditional acceptance in a culturally diverse setting.

We are committed to providing each student with an individually designed Expedition Treatment Plan; the Expedition Therapy Team supports each student’s journey every step of the way.

As a result, our students experience and internalize a positive sense of self and gain increased confidence. Our Therapeutic Expedition Mentality® is an empowering option for adults who want to learn how to create a balance in their lives, stay sober, and reconnect with their authentic selves.

Expedition Therapy is a giant step beyond the inherent limitations of traditional wilderness therapy programs. We treat our students like the adults that they are – we challenge them, teach them real-world skills, encourage their creativity,

and provide them with ample opportunities to give back to the community. At Expedition Therapy, we help young adults discover the inner focus, direction and motivation they need to move themselves forward in their lives.

PO Box 285, Kanab, UT 84741, 435-879-9015

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