is Ireland’s very first Home Based Alcohol Detox and Recovery Service,

providing home support at a low cost within the family home for those who want alcohol treatment.

It was designed to support those who need help with alcohol difficulties and their family members that for some reason can’t or will not go into residential rehab.

Our aim is to provide you with the support, advice and the appropriate links to whatever it is you need when it comes to alcohol or alcohol abuse help for yourself or a loved one.

Our recovery methods are evidence based and proven effective. This service is available and successful in other countries, but not yet available in Ireland until now.

So regardless as to why you are looking at this site (either for yourself, family member, friend or research) then you have come to the right place.

At any time if you feel the need to talk to someone in person, then feel free to contact any member of our team on the contact page.

We also work with clients who have Dual Diagnosis, this is were a person might be suffering from depression or anxiety,

thus causing them to self medicate on drugs/alcohol to elevate the emotions that go with these thought. (For more information on Dual Diagnosis, please see our section on Dual Diagnosis.)

Contact our offices for a free consultation on; (09495) 46107, Mary at; (Vodafone) 0871864440, Valerie at; (Vodafone) 0873567300

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