Mesa Alliance

mesaMesa Prevention Alliance is a social network.

Addressing youth substance use through education, prevention, and healthy alternatives.

The Alliance was founded by Community Bridges, Inc. (CBI) in 2008 after the Mesa Mayor’s Alliance Against Drugs had disbanded in 2004.

With new funding and community members who wanted to get involved with bringing a coalition back to the community,

there was an intensive effort over the course of 9 months to study local data, national trends, resources, and current policy in Mesa that focused on underage drinking and substance use.

A committee was formed to create a strategic plan that would guide the future prevention of underage drinking and drug use in Mesa.

From these efforts, the Alliance has established their mission and goal to reduce youth alcohol use in Mesa through various strategies and campaigns.

The Mesa Prevention Alliance is a community-based coalition with a growing base of more than 50 members that are represented by multiple sectors, including;

educators, parents, teens, businesses, the faith community, Mesa Police and Fire Departments, the City of Mesa, and local non-profits.

The mission of the Alliance is to address youth substance use through education, prevention and healthy alternatives. Our goal is to reduce youth alcohol use in Mesa.


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