novaRecovery Center

enables the 12-Step program of action in a structured, safe, clean and spiritual atmosphere.

We are a committed Texas Drug Rehab Center here to help you succeed.

NOVA is defined as a star that suddenly becomes much brighter and then gradually returns to its original brightness over a period of weeks to years.

Similar to the process of a star, NOVA Recovery Center seeks to help individuals return to a way of living, before their life of addiction occurred.

Our staff consists of board certified licenses chemical dependency counselors, certified recovery coaches, l

ife coaches, certified personal fitness trainers and countless individuals with years of experience in recovery.

Our staff is dedicated to leading individuals on the path towards life-long recovery, through the use of both the clinical treatment and the recovery process.

The purpose of utilizing both the clinical treatment and a program of recovery is to develop a strong foundation in recovery.

Alcohol and drugs, is but a symptom. Often times, we use alcohol and drugs to cope with the emotional guilt and shame we feel, and as a solution for our spiritual malady.

Clinical treatment is an important tool, to assist individuals through life changing events. In addition, our clinical staff will help our clients come to a content state, with these issues.

855-834-6682. 10100 Fm 967, Buda, TX 78610

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