pemadamDrug Prevention Association of Malaysia

or LAM set up to implement drug prevention programs in the country. LAM was officially launched on March 22, 1976

by ​​the Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Hussein Onn, as Patron of the National EXTINGUISHER.

LAM was later extended to Sabah and with the full Committee on 8 February 1982.

Increase knowledge and awareness about the dangers of drugs.

Star —> 5 Pillars of Principle

Chain —> Clutches of drug addiction and the importance kegelutan to be free from drugs

Fingers gripped —-> Determined to fight the threat of drugs and to help the victims

Word PEMADAM Abbreviated —-> name of the association and bring meaning to combat drugs

From the People For The People —-> Indicate their participation in public disaster eliminate

MALAYSIA Introduced to the world how much this country to combat drug abuse

Rice flower —-> Fertility for the people of this country

Red —-> Symbolize the courage and firmness

Yellow —-> Represents the country and Constitutional Monarchy

Green —-> Symbolizes prosperity and peace and fertility

White —-> Symbolizes purity and sincerity and responsibility

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