Who is Using

bmltthe BMLT

Basic Meeting List Technology.

Narcotics Anonymous

Who’s Using the BMLT?

The following sites represent the current known “official” implementations of the BMLT.

To date, the 35 implementations below cover more than 5,400 meetings, in thirteen Regions, one Metro Area, and one Area, spanning five nations, and using ten different root servers.

There are several other Regions and Service Bodies currently testing and implementing the BMLT.

UKNA Region

German-Speaking Region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) T

The Greater New York Region (New York).

The Eastern New York Region (New York).

The Free State Region (Maryland).

The Bluegrass-Appalachian Region.

The Tejas-Bluebonnet Region (Texas).

Red River Region (Texas & Oklahoma).

The Lone Star Region (Texas)

The Oklahoma Region (Oklahoma).

The Connecticut Region (Connecticut).

NA Minnesota (Minnesota and North Dakota)

NA Milwaukee

NA Orlando

NA Florida Webservant.

River Coast NA

The Esperanza Area (Texas).

The Coastal Bend Area (Texas).

The Brazos Valley Area (Texas).

The Southeast Texas Area.

The Tri-County Area (Texas).

The Central Texas Area (Texas)

The Hill Country Area (Texas)

The Dallas Area (Texas).

The Oklahoma Eastern Area (Oklahoma).

The Oklahoma Western Area (Oklahoma).

The Plains Area (Oklahoma).

NA Kentucky

Kentucky Survivors Area (Kentucky).

Grassroots Area (Kentucky).

Cumberland Area (Kentucky).

The Northeast Freedom Area (Maryland).

The Suffolk Area Service (New York).

The Nassau Area Service (New York).

The Western Queens Area Service (New York).

The New York City Area Service (New York).

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