Silver Spring Wellness

santeand Recovery Center.

Silver Spring, Maryland

What is Psychiatric Recovery?

Recovery is a process, a way of life, an attitude and a way of approaching the day’s challenges.

It is not a perfect linear process. At times our course is erratic and we falter, slide back, regroup, and start again – Patricia Deegan 1988

The Silver Spring Wellness and Recovery Center (SSWRC) is located with Santé’s psychiatric services in downtown Silver Spring. It is available to Montgomery County clients who are receiving or who have received mental health treatment.

At SSWRC we believe that through peer support each individual is empowered to actively participate in achieving and maintaining their personal wellness and recovery goals.

Peer-run services are highly cost-effective, and reduce isolation, hospitalizations, severity of symptoms and many other ills.

Further, our focus on wellness and on each individual’s strengths, instead of their illnesses, increases community engagement and a holistic sense of self.

We are particularly interested in employment and financial issues with our members, as poverty is a recurring issue.

We feel that financial empowerment is a key component of recovery, and are working on ways to promote this in benefits counseling, advocacy, employment, budgeting, and other endeavors.

We have been a pilot site, since the summer of 2008, in Montgomery County’s Wellness and Recovery workgroup, in conjunction with the county’s Office of Consumer Affairs

What Wellness and Recovery means for our consumers:

Peer support

Active participation in their personal wellness and recovery journey

The opportunity to be a support to others; benefiting those giving and receiving support

The chance to become part of a community

Access to training, activities and resources

Anne Arundel County 410-768-5522, Baltimore County 410-931-2214, Eastern Shore 888-407-8018, Prince George’s County 301-429-2185

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